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ORDERS PLACED DURING MY SALE (25-28th) HAVE A 11-13 week make time


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  1. Chatham alexandrite cluster engagement ring, 7 stone diamond ring
  2. Pear sapphire seven stone ring
  3. Five stone ring with moissanite and salt and pepper diamonds
  4. Oval champagne peach sapphire three stone ring, made to order
  5. Five stone ring with pear blue sapphire
  6. Pear moissanite five stone ring with alexandrite side stones
  7. Marquise alexandrite 14k three stone engagement ring, gold engagement ring, moissanite alexandrite ring,evenstar ring, vintage inspired ring
  8. Alexandrite salt pepper diamond three stone engagement ring
  9. Oval alexandrite five stone cluster ring
  10. Chevron 14k gold wedding band
  11. Pear peach sapphire cluster five stone engagement ring
  12. Pear peach sapphire cluster five stone ring
  13. Pear alexandrite and sapphire three stone engagement ring
  14. Pear London blue topaz five stone ring
  15. Pear alexandrite twisted leaf ring