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About me

Oore Jewelry is founded and run by me, Uma Gordin. I started making and selling my creations at the age of 18.

In 2013 I took my first metalsmithing class and found the perfect medium for me to create my art in. I've always loved when handmade looks handmade, so you always have something completely one of kind and forever just yours. 

I am a dreamer at heart, my head is always in the clouds dreaming of creating something new that makes you feel a pang of longing for a world that doesn’t exist. I am a huge book nerd, and spend a large portion of my free time reading fantasy. 

My jewelry inspiration comes first from nature, which is where I find myself most when I'm not in the studio. I love hiking and spending time in the forest, which I hope translates over into my work.

I am currently located outside of Greenville, SC but I am a wanderer at heart and do find myself moving quite a bit so that may change in years to come. For now I love living in the country with my beautiful elderly dogs. 

To contact me directly, you can send an email to me or a direct message on my website. I have an amazing assistant who will assist you with any requests. Please try to be patient with me as I do everything else on my own and really do try my best to make sure orders/customers get answered and finished first. 

I am so, so honored everyday to be a part of so many special moments in people’s lives. Thank you for supporting me and my dream 💕