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Loose gemstones

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  1. 1.23ct marquise lab grown diamond
  2. .81ct marquise lab grown diamond
  3. 1.07ct marquise lab grown diamond
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  4. .7ct marquise lab grown diamond
  5. 1.52ct oval teal green sapphire
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  6. 1.51ct oval blue green sapphire
  7. 1.66ct oval teal sapphire
  8. 1.61ct oval green sapphire
  9. 1.74ct oval blue teal sapphire
  10. 1.55ct oval blue green sapphire
  11. 1.75ct oval teal green sapphire
  12. 1.53ct oval teal green sapphire
  13. 1.61ct oval blue green sapphire
  14. 1.58ct oval green/teal sapphire
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  15. 1.12ct cushion cut opalescent purple sapphire
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